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Dame Janet Baker CH DBE FRSA

“You possess a truly beautiful voice in a rare category – contralto.”

Laura Sarti MBE FGS

“Elizabeth Harley is a very talented, gifted singer and musician with a voice of striking and very individual quality and an arresting personality. Her voice has a true contralto depth and colour; is a strong performer with good looks and intelligence.”

Paul Hamburger - vocal coach, accompanist and BBC music producer

“I find Liz one of the best young mezzos I have had the good fortune to encounter in a long time. She has a most beautiful voice, ample and capable of many colours which she always uses with complete technical command. She is also highly musical, intelligent and industrious and thus able to identify with a great variety of musical styles.”

Rudolph Sabor - published author on the composer Wagner

“You have an enviably flawless technique without any seams showing between the registers and a most appealing legato line. Your performance is so convincing that I cannot be the only one who is very moved by it.”


Recital with Malcolm Martineau, accompanist (The Nelson Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland)

“Elizabeth Harley is a singer who has the range and the technical control to adapt to all circumstances. The strength of this recital was it concentration on the words, not only on the diction, which was crystal clear, but also on their inner meaning. It was all there in the face as well as in the voice.” - David Griffiths, The Scotsman

Recital with Angela Livingstone, accompanist (St Andrews Music Club, Scotland)

“Britten’s ‘A Charm of Lullabies’ was superlatively done, each song vividly characterised by varied local colourings and an enviable expressive range. Elizabeth Harley’s eye contact with the audience was also notable: I found that I couldn’t look away. This was an evening of mature artistry and first-rate musicianship.” - John Kitchen, St Andrews Citizen

Durufle: Requiem (The Hadley Court Singers, Haddington, Scotland)

“No-one could have remained unmoved by Elizabeth Harley’s extraordinarily beautiful singing of the solo "Pie Jesu". The voice was controlled to a near-instrumental sound, almost vibrato-less, soft yet perfectly projected. To sing with such deeply moving intensity but with such superb vocal control is the mark of a fine artist.” - Sanna McIndoe, East Lothian Courier

Dvorak: Stabat Mater (Newbury Festival of Choirs)

“Elizabeth Harley is one of the finest contraltos I have heard for a very long time and the aria "inflammatus et accensus" was magnificently performed being invested with an extraordinary intenseness of passion and feeling.” - A.J.D.

Handel: Messiah (Isle of Wight Cantata Choir)

“Of the four soloists it must be said that Elizabeth Harley was outstanding and the general quality of her singing was enhanced by a certain sensitivity to the words.” - R.H. Isle of Wight County Press